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About Us

Zuzi® is the brain child of Catherine Jones, a transaction coach, mentor and strategic advisor.

As a transaction Coach, I focus on guiding founders and executives through the tumultuous waters of high-stakes deals, such as financing rounds, M&A, and strategic partnerships.  Consider me a coach, strategic advisor, and mentor in one.  I’m your empathetic ear, your sounding board, and your brainstorming partner.  

Why choose me?  Well, I’ve been in your shoes.  I’m a recovering deal junkie.  I’ve navigated hundreds of transactions worth over $72 billion.  I’ve earned my stripes in deal-making and  I know the rollercoaster ride well.  I’ve been on it from the first inquiry to the nail-biting closing.  As an executive, I’ve also lived through the consequences of my negotiations.  I bring that experience to the table and equip you with the insights and strategies to navigate each twist with confidence.

But here’s the kicker: I don’t just offer coaching; I offer access to all my knowledge and experience.  Need help to dissect terms (or simply understand them)?  Want to explore other solutions or discuss overlooked issues?  Consider it done.  Rest assured, I work on your terms—you can choose hourly sessions or a tailored package to suit your needs.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: I’m not here to run your deal for you or serve as your legal advisor. Thousands of people can do that for you. But if you’re seeking a trusted sounding board to talk about ideas, express concerns, and regain clarity in chaos, I can help.  Rather than spin your wheels talking over your concerns with your family and friends or losing sleep ruminating about your deal, talk to me.  In our sessions, you’ll find a neutral, calm space to recalibrate and refocus. It’s a sanctuary where the storm outside can’t touch you.

I ground my method in a personalized approach that prioritizes your unique needs, goals, and values.  I will use your goals, values, leadership, and learning styles.  I’ll combine these with your self-care routine and what brings you joy.  This mix will help you clarify priorities and stay steady amid emotional turbulence. 

So, think of me as your coach, mentor, and advisor in one.  I hold a torch high to light the path through the chaos of deal-making.  Together, we’ll navigate the moonless night and emerge stronger on the other side. 

Zuzi: the Basque word for “torch”. Basque is believed to be one of the few surviving pre-Indo-European languages, a language isolated in relation to any other known living language.


My Pillars

I'm your torchbearer

I light the path through the chaos of conflicting priorities, voices, and expectations. 

I focus on your North Star.

Together, we will keep your mission and values in mind as a guiding light to help simplify those hard decisions amidst uncertainty of the tumultuous waters of high-stakes transactions.

I serve as your strategic advisor

I provide you with the guidance and strategies to lead you and your company through the challenges of your transaction with confidence and authority.

I guide visionaries, entrepreneurs, and purpose-driven executives to thrive in their transactional journies.


Who We Work With

CEOs, Entrepreneurs and impact-focused visionaries

Executives, Directors, and their Management or Leadership Teams

Companies taking the big leaps in high-stakes transactions such as Financing Rounds, M&A, Strategic Partnerships.

Is this the support you are looking for? 

 Are you ready to unlock your transactional potential? 

Are you ready to shape successful deals that match your vision and values?  

Book a free fifteen-minute call here.  Get the support you need to sail through your transaction.

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Tim SparapaniFormer Director of Public Policy at Facebook and co-founder of Blue Run Spirits
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"Catherine's got you and you've got it with Catherine's guidance!" That's the message that working with Catherine imparted for me on a bet-the-company issue. She provided me with tools to analyze my startup company's goals and help me sort through my thinking to get straight to focusing on the key choices to be made. I felt prepared and empowered, and my clarity of thinking was especially enhanced. Catherine is an asset to have in your corner no matter what challenge you are trying to work through.
Marina GanopolskyCo-founder and COO of Unbound
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Catherine provided razor-sharp advice on how we could be better utilizing our technology as a business and even showed us major pivot opportunities to reach our financial and customer acquisition goals faster. Catherine’s got an eye for big opportunities and isn’t afraid to tell you what you need to do as an entrepreneur to achieve your goals. I advise anyone serious about starting or scaling up their business to work with her.

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