The Journey

Let me guide you through the tumultuous waters of high-stakes deals

Working with me involves a combination of key components designed to support you through every step of your high-stakes transaction. Here’s how it works:


Initial Session

Team brainstorming. Creative managers crew working with new startup project in office.

Regular Sessions:  Typically One-Hour Zoom or phone calls (your choice) scheduled in advance

  • Mindful Transactional Reset: Start sessions with mindfulness exercises for focus and clarity.
  • Life Balance Integration: Allocate time to talk about things that make you happy and peaceful.  Discuss outside factors that affect work performance. This helps your well-being and concentration so that you can bring your best self to the tough decision-making.
  • Adaptive Coaching Session: Choose from venting, soundboarding, brainstorming, or free-form dialogue formats to address transactional challenges and strategize solutions.  I help you find solutions, clarity, and calm during the transaction.

Ad Hoc Sessions: (30 or 60 minute quick sessions that can be scheduled when needed)

  • The sessions are flexible.  They can address new transactional needs or deal-related concerns. Your Ad Hoc Sessions ensure you receive prompt support and guidance as the need arises.  I know how everything can change in a minute.


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Seamless Connectivity: Voxer Support

  • Share transactional frustrations, confusion, or insights via voice notes.  It will help real-time communication and clear decision-making.  You can also provide background information for our next session so we can jump right in. Expect responsive feedback within 24 hours, providing insights aligned with your North Star.

Emergency Calls: 15 min calls when needed. 

  • Calls when you need them.  These can be scheduled via text to discuss pressing issues. I’ll do my best to be available quickly with no guarantees.

Enhanced Offer: Transactional Advisory Add-On (Additional Cost)

  • Optimize transactional strategy with my expertise as a transactional advisor. I will review the deal terms with you and provide advice on how to navigate complex negotiations and strategize creative solutions.  This offering can be seamlessly integrated into your coaching journey.

You can choose how much support and what levels you want via different packages.  All packages start with the initial session – the length may change based on the level of the package.

Journey Header Compass

The Elements: you can mix and match these to meet your needs

Initial Session (mandatory)

Regular One-Hour Scheduled Sessions

Ad Hoc Sessions: (30 or 60 minute quick sessions that can be scheduled when needed)

Voxer Support

Emergency Calls 15 min calls when needed.


Each of my packages are individualized, bespoke packages based on your unique needs. These descriptions provide sample packages and costs. We can create one that suits your specific needs. In all of these offerings, I coach and support you through your high-stakes transaction.

Crafting Your Path to Transactional Success

  • Initial Session; Strategic Alignment (2-3 hours) (we can split this in 2 sessions) 
  • 12 One-Hour Regular Sessions scheduled weekly (Consisting of a Mindful Transactional Reset, Life Balance Integration, and an Adaptive Coaching Session.)
  • 8 Hours of Ad Hoc Sessions (One-hour each or can be broken into 30 min calls)
  • 4 Emergency Calls (15 min each)
  • Voxer Support as needed
  • Cost: $33,000

Supporting you for Transactional Success

  • Initial Session: Strategic Alignment (1.5 hours)
  • 3 One-Hour Regular Sessions  scheduled as desired over 3 months (Consisting of a Mindful Transactional Reset, Life Balance Integration, and an Adaptive Coaching Session.)
  • 3 Ad Hoc Sessions (30 min each
  • 2 Emergency Calls (15 min each)
  • Voxer Support as needed (up to 4 times a month)
  • Cost: $10,000
  • Initial Session: Strategic Alignment (conducted via worksheets and a 30 min session)
  • 3 One-Hour Regular Sessions scheduled at least two days in advance.  (consisting of a Mindful Transactional Reset, Life Balance Integration, and an Adaptive Coaching Session). Additional sessions can be purchased by hour ($1,500) or on a package basis at a discounted rate. 
  1. Async support via Voxer (up to 5 times while working together)
  2. Cost: Minimum $5,000.

Embark on a transformative transactional journey, navigating complexities with confidence and clarity. 

We’ll unlock your transactional potential and shape successful deals aligned with your vision and values.


Ready to Transform Your Transactional Journey?

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